Hand Tufted Carpet Overview

Hand Tufted carpet is used in both Commercial & Residential properties to create the ultimate luxurious appearance. Because of the many different construction techniques & yarns available it makes this product a unique piece of artwork.

The desired pattern is drawn onto a bare piece of canvas then pinned on a wooden frame and the yarn in each part of the design is then hand gunned into the canvas to create the pattern. Once the pattern is completed the carpet is then hand finished & additional techniques such as Carving/Bevelling can be introduced. Hand Tufted carpet can be produced as an individual rug or wall to wall fitted carpet. Because its Hand Tufted this carpet can be made to any size or shape & is a perfect solution to fit a room exactly without any seams.

Qualities - H350, H450, H550, H650, H750 & H850.

When it comes to designing a Hand Tufted carpet think of a blank canvas because anything is possible.

The possibilities are limitless it's literally a blank canvas, any design style, all the different yarn types available i.e. Wool, Silk, Viscose, Bamboo, Cotton, all the different constructions that can be achieved i.e. Cut Pile, Loop Pile, Cut & Loop Pile, Hand Carving, Tip Shearing, High/Low Cut Pile, High/Low Cut & Loop Pile, Sculpturing, Bevelled & Stippled Yarns etc. Colours are unlimited & different yarns can be used together to create the perfect product.

Our in-house design team offer a fully bespoke design & sampling service.