Pass Machine Carpet Overview

This product can be used in both the Commercial & Residential markets & available in qualities from 350 to 550

Pass Machine carpet is produced by physically pulling a backing cloth by hand through a small tufting machine which inserts the yarn. This cloth can then be made either into individual rugs or into a wall to wall fitted carpet. The Pass Machine product can be made to any size & is a perfect solution to fit a room exactly without any seams.

This carpet can be made either All Cut Pile or All Loop Pile. A design can be Hand Carved/Sculptured on top & the loop pile can be Tip Sheared if required.

Pass Machine products are usually made in 100% wool in either a single colour or stippled yarn however other types of yarn such as silk, viscose, bamboo & cotton are available on request.

Our in-house design team offer a fully bespoke design & sampling service.