At Atelier Floors all our carpets for the Hospitality, Commercial & Residential markets are manufactured by ISO & CRI certified factories from around the world. All of our factories are vertically integrated, environmentally friendly & use the latest technology ensuring there is total control over the quality of the product from the raw material stage through to the finished goods.

Through our longevity in the industry & use of our manufacturing & product knowledge we have been able to select our right partners. Therefore all our factories & cottage industries have been handpicked & long term working relationships established over many years.


All carpets supplied by Atelier Floors are sampled prior to placing your order so you know exactly what the specified product looks and feels like.

These samples are very helpful to place in-situ so you can check that the design and colours compliment the rest of the interior.

Samples are normally produced 50cm x 50cm however mock-up carpets are available on request should one be required prior to the final order. Mock-up carpets will be invoiced and on receipt of the full order the cost will be reimbursed.

Planning & Estimating

Atelier Floors are able to offer a planning and estimating service to help you understand exactly what quantity of carpet needs to be ordered to complete your project.

Seaming plans are produced and a quantity breakdown of each area requiring carpet is our standard procedure.


All carpets supplied by Atelier Floors can also be installed by our team of experienced professional fitters if required.

Underlay & fittings can be specified by our installation team following a site inspection and prior to commencement.

Alternatively we can work with your nominated installation company and supply them with a full set of seaming plans to ensure the installation is performed correctly.